Ricky Low


Ricky Low is an American actor, He was born on March 10th, 1988 in San Francisco, California. He is the third child born out of four. His mother Perla Howe Low passed away when he was 18 years of age right before he graduated high school. Growing up Ricky always caught himself in acting classes and always did theatre work in middle school, and high school. None of that actually payed off until soon after graduating high school, when he would soon be discovered by a woman who was a instructor in one of his acting classes, which she was able to provide him a contract with the top agency in San Francisco. On October 2009 Ricky gained some mainstream attention when he starred in one of NBC's biggest TV show "Trauma" in the 2nd episode where he played a teenage boy by the name of Brandon. In addition to that Ricky starred alongside NBA star Stephen Curry in a Chase commercial where the two exchanged currency over their smartphones using the in app quick pay feature. He also did a few more commercial and other films. Ricky lives in San Francisco and is pursuing his acting career, he is also enrolled in college studying biological science.


Movie Name Release Date
Beautiful boy, siempre serás mi hijo March 15, 2019