Luis Gnecco


Luis Gnecco Dessy was born in Santiago, Chile. He is one of Chile's most popular comedic actors, recently tackling the Ricky Gervais part in his country's version of "The Office". Pablo Larraín cast him in a decidedly non-comedic role as an unscrupulous villain in HBO Latin America's hit mini-series "Prófugos". Gnecco appeared in Fabula's provocative "Young and Wild" before assuming the role of the man who recruits Saavedra to join the NO campaign; it was a natural fit for the actor, as he was deeply involved in the 1988 movement to overthrow Pinochet.


Movie Name Release Date
El ángel / Argentina October 31, 2018
Una mujer fantástica / Chile October 20, 2017
Neruda September 23, 2016
Joven & alocada March 7, 2014
No February 8, 2013
El baile de la Victoria November 27, 2009
Sexo con Amor March 27, 2003
Una mujer fantástica October 20, 2017